Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Empires & Allies Mobile Is The Best Modern Military RTS

Zynga changed the latest version of Empires & Allies, the top firms composed into mobile games. Strategy genre is one genre of games with the most interest in the strategy genre because it gives a kind of an interesting challenge which we must be able to think of not only a plan A, but we also have to think about a backup plan if plan A is not as expected. Interpreters reliable strategy will not only think of a plan B but probably will continue to think up a plan Z. Just like like chess, we do not just think about what steps we will take, but also must step what our opponents will do when we take such a step and how we are going to combat that.

That makes people interested in the game strategy because each player has his own tactical style. And in 2015 there is one more game from Zynga that will delight lovers of strategy games. Empires & Allies is an action strategy game that will be released this year from Zynga. The developer behind the super popular Facebook game Texas Hold 'em Poker has announced a mobile version of the game Empires & Allies in December 2014 and on their website.

This time, Zynga's lips with a slightly different game. Game is called Empires & Allies, which is designed to bring the gaming experience RTS (real time strategy) classic to the mobile realm. The concept of this game is not exactly original. There are some game strategy with military theme is quite popular on mobile platforms, such as Boom Beach or War of Nations. But in terms of visual, Empires & Allies looked quite interesting, with a 3D visual style as frequently encountered in some classic series Command & Conquer (C & C).

Previously, this game has been released as a social game that can be played on Facebook, even pagenya alone can be more than 8 million likes. However, the party of Zynga says that the game will be made different from the game Empires & Allies version of Facebook from start to look to the gameplay that is led by a team that is experienced with game Real-time Strategy genre. Use Empires & Allies Cheat to speed up military infrastructure. Download this game from playstore for free.